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(RG59 Coaxial Connector, F-Type Compression Connector)
7-screw thread prevents maintenance from loose connections Pre-positioned
cap to align incoming conductor straight. Ideal compression force
Detachable sleeve for non-standard cables
Installation requires one-step 0.24”~ 0.265”cable preparation and
universal compression tools used for all 59 & 6 series
Incorporates a NiTin finish plus UV resistant plastic and O-rings to
provide a reliable, environmentally sealed product.

상품 상세설명

pro_title_box01.jpg Ordering Info pro_title_box03.jpg
Part no. Post Inner dia Sleeve Inner dia Sleeve color Inner pack Outer pack
UNCN-059AS-CP 3.99mm 6.30mm White 50pcs 1,000pcs
UNCN-059AT-CP 3.99mm 6.40mm White 50pcs 1,000pcs
UNCN-059AQ-CP 3.99mm 6.93mm White 50pcs 1,000pcs
UNCN-059AQ-CH 3.99mm 6.93mm White 50pcs 1,000pcs
pro_title_box01.jpg Electrical Specifications pro_title_box03.jpg
Impedance 75Ω±3
DC Contact Resistance <10mΩ (outer conductor)
Return Loss >30dB @5~1000MHz, 2feet
(60cm Cable with connector)
Insertion Loss
<0.1dB(to 350MHz)
<0.2dB(to 700MHz)
<0.3dB(to 1GHz)
Insulation Resistance
>5,000MΩ/km at 100VDC
RFI Shielding
<70dB to 300MHz
Dielectric Withstand
without breakdown(20℃)
1000VAC RMS for 1min
pro_title_box01.jpg Mechanical Specifications pro_title_box03.jpg
Axial Pull Force >18.14kgf
Insertion Force >9.02kgf
Vibration >30dB @5~1000MHz, 2feet
(60cm Cable with connector)
pro_title_box01.jpg Environmental Specifications pro_title_box03.jpg
Temperature Cycling
with Humidity
-40℃~ +70℃, 95%,
Moisture Migration no penetrant present or evident
Salt Spray 14Days min Return Loss
>30dB to 1GHz
UV Degradation 1000 Hours Exposure
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